The Gift of the Sea


Ann Morrow Lindbergh wrote A Gift from the Sea. I do not intend to rival her insights, but God has given me the Gift of the Sea.  Recently I moved my residence from the mountains to the shoreline. As a young girl, growing up in St. Louis the River always fascinated me. My father would take us down to the levy to watch the boats and go up and down the River, Old Man River, or the Mississippi River, the Father of Waters, as the Native American called him. My brothers and sister and I would eat M&Ms and be captured by a world that was far from any reality we knew or had experienced. The power and the strength of the River is what fascinated me. Huge trees would come floating down stream and be tossed  by the River as easily as my brother skimmed stones on the River. All of this is by way of prelude to say: I have a fascination with water.

This recent move to the shoreline has about it a quality of unreal-ness, even though I’ve spent two nights here. The incomparable beauty is more than anything I could have imaged. I walk down the street from our little house to  steps that take me to another world! The world of the sea! I walk the sea wall, transfixed by the persistent surge of the Sound on the shore. I wonder at the play of light dancing on the water. I hold my breath; I pray.

100_0424.jpgImagine the first time this Midwest girl so the rush of the tide running in, filling up all the nooks and crannies of tidewater pools! What a thrill! What power! What strength!  I am amazed! Isn’t this what God does for us? He fills up all those nooks and crannies in us? He heals all those wounds that we, perhaps, weren’t even aware were there?

I stand and hold my breath the glazed look of the Sound as the sun reflects off of it like ice. Too much! Too much beauty to take in and my soul falls in adoration. My God, I adore, I hope, I love You. I pray for those who do not know You, do not love You and do not serve You. Is this reparation? Filling up the lack of love in the world? I hear the call to fill up, to fill up the lack of love. To bring the love of His Heart to those I meet day in and day out. Is it always easy? Do I always feel like doing it? No, but words uttered so many years ago compel me now as they did them to answer love for love to the One Who is LOVE. This is what it means to be an Apostle of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. To proclaim the love of the Heart of Jesus, to reach out to those in need, to build up the Kingdom of God!

May God continue to soften our hearts as He washes us daily with His love. May all that keeps us from Him gradually erode away and we are carved out as one great openness, ready to capture the power and strength of His love and share it with others. Peace!

Sr. Cora

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